Electric Scooters Here. - $650 (Surrey.) in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Electric Scooters Here. - $650 (Surrey.)
Electric Scooters Here. - $650 (Surrey.)

All Electric Scooter Revolution.
New luyuan scooters only $650.00
No need for license, plates, registration, insurance, gas or oil. No more buses, line ups, traffic problems, violation tickets, DUI, parking problems/costs or polluting fumes. No more supporting unscrupulous corporations and governments both foreign and domestic with your hard earned money.
Enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the open road and trail.Speeds of 32 KM/H.
Quiet and clean transportation with a 60km range on one charge. Charges in a few hours from any household outlet for $0.10.
eScooters are very easy to maintain. Because of the simplicity of their design and few components, there are very few things that can go wrong with them. And for the small chance something does go wrong or breaks, the components are reasonably priced and are easily obtained and installed.
Save your time, money and the environment.
Go Electric and join us for the eScooter Revolution
Call or toll free at 1-.
Location: Surrey.

Category:  Cars  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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