Nissan 300zx auto non turbo 4 seater - $5495 (GVRD) in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale


1993 , tons of work just done 5500. obo
( This car was aircared, Tues, 27th of Sept.2011, and is good for 2 years..'till September, 2013 , and is a FOUR seater..not a 2 seater coupe..)'s the tale...I'm facing eye surgery..(4 !) unemployed..and out of options... I'm having to list my '93 300...its an auto, with o/drive, normally aspirated, has 94,000 MILES, air, cruise, p/windows, p/locks, p. seat, a Stillen box,(ecu), a decent shift kit, NON-turbo : ) virtually Brand New 225/40 18's ZR rated tires..less than 800 miles on them, on decent rims. It has "T" tops, leather,p/s, p/db,with abs. and, its left hand drive.
The timing chain/water pump were done at 81000 roughly, and it has a brand new master cylinder, all new dot 4 brk. fluid, and the brakes, of course, were just bled/flushed. It has a new battery, (in Nov.) The old one went into the kids honda..
The drive shaft has new "u" joints, and steady bearing, and was just balanced, this job would be a grand or better...I started to notice a vibration, and i'm kinda picky that way, the hoist was just did it. It now has replace-able U joints, not the staked in factory ones..that make you buy the thousand dollar driveshaft, and , yes, it comes with the part numbers for the readily available first week of dec.),
The diff oil was just changed as well (Lucas 80/90) There is tons of other stuff I've done to this car i cant even remember right the wiper pivots are made by me on the milling machine,..3 peice steel w/ bronze bushings, lubed with long term h/d moly,...NEVER to fail again !! The wipers will not wind lift at ANY speed The originals are plastic/nylatron and only last a while..check them on any other 300...there WILL be play.! kol
Everything works, and it is a GAS to drive, I absolutely love this car, wanted one for years..( I'm in my early '50's.)..and finally made the jump, only to have to lose it after a few years..
*sigh*..bills to pay, like everyone else..i guess,
I'm not broke, just could use the $$ more than I will use the car
* I may be interested in a trade for a pre-;72 car, or a hot rod project i could do with my son ,( He can see fine...and we could use the ) no pickups, thanks, unless they are pre- 1947, or a 6.5 gm deisel, or better..*
Oh yeah...and if Ya would'nt mind, put a contact phone number for You in your reply...its killin' me to try to look at this screen..
Looks like this is the ONLY way i will be able to get back to Ya...
So ..,yeah.... * No phone number in Your email to me.., No reply from me *, Sorry, but thats just the way it is..
Location: GVRD

Category:  Cars  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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