Huge Recording Studio Sale - $1 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Huge Recording Studio Sale - $1
Huge Recording Studio Sale - $1
Huge Recording Studio Sale - $1

Hey, I have a bunch of gear that isn't getting used enough so it's time for all to go.
Some of the items I'm firm on the price as I think it's all fairly priced, but try me.

I'm always interested in trades, if it's for something I'll end up using:

here are some things I am looking for:
looking for a mono or stereo power amp minimum 300watts/channel (needs to power a bass amp)
Audio Tecnica 4050, 4040, etc
bass overdrive or chorus
studio monitors
recording gear
precision bass/jazz bass
ernie ball bass - sterling, etc
JAM STATION - one of those jam hub things


Echo audiofire 12 with FireWire 400-800 cable. 12in12out recording interface $390

BBE Sonic Stomp -sonic maximizer $50

Rocktron HUSH the pedal - eliminate unwanted noise from your signal chain $40

Vox METAL plug and play $20 - play guitar anywhere by plugging you headphones in

m-audio 02 usb midi controller $20 comes with USB cable. SOLD

boss dr rhythm DR-660 - missing original power power adapter, but I have a replacement one that works with it $80 - a classic drum machine

Korg Monotribe Ribbon Synth - Like new $160 SOLD

pignose amp - used on Classic AC/DC albums - needs minor rewiring $40

Hula Ukes Ukelele with soft case and new martin strings $120 was $180 new - solid mahogany - played once or twice then has sat in its case ever

Yamaha Subwoofer YST-SW45 - 120 volts 55 watts 60hz - this thing pumps but got a new sub for free from a friend so this has got to go $120

Spector 4-string bass body with legit EMG-SSD Pickup, never got around to this project just needs a neck a strings and you're slappin dat bass $50

M-audio Axiom 61 - $80 - somethings up with the usb connector, if you're handy and/or patient (i'm neither) then you could probably fix this really easily, run for $400 new SOLD

Presonus Faderport $120 - control your DAW with ease. honestly this thing is great, but I didn't take the time to integrate it into my workflow - like new

Casio CTK-533 - has been sitting in my closet at home for 6 years, can't find the power adapter $30 - needs a trip to radio shack and you've got a dope keyboard SOLD

DBX 131 eq this thing has been used 3-4 times and then sat around for a few years. basically brand new $120 - great for live, studio

Category:  Music instruments  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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