Enlarger & amp Equipment - $250 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Enlarger & amp Equipment - $250
Enlarger & amp Equipment - $250
Enlarger & amp Equipment - $250

Saunders LPL C6600 Condenser Enlarger:.



-Super-rigid 2 x 2 1/4" extruded column with lifetime plated finish. Opposites for floor forecast. (I have published sharp 16" x 24" prints on the floor, no worry).
-Smooth and effortless counterbalanced transportation altitude.
-Unique press-to-lift, release-to-lock delivery control.
-Full column reference scales.
-Built-in 39mm international standard-threaded lens position.
-Deluxe, completely laminated extra-large wall.
-Double-condenser lighting system and all-glass optics.
-Built-in supplementary filter owner approving 3" square filters (supplied).
-Has Saunders 35mm negative full structure carrier.


-Wall: 17 7/8 x 17 7/8 x 7/8" (45 x 45 x 2cm).
-Girder: 36 3/4" (93cm).
-Max. Height (delivery fully elevated): 43 1/2" (110.5 cm).
-Internet Weight: 20.5 lbs. (9.3 kilograms).

(you could view this excellent enlarger here, where it costs US$ 919.99: https://www.calumetphoto.com/product/saunders-lpl-c6600-condenser-enlarger/SO5003/).

Miscellaneous Benefits:.

I am offering this wonderful darkroom staple with a selection of darkroom accessories.

Consisted of:.

-mass white and black film loader.
-6 jars for remedy.
-2 augmentation easels (LPL, and Fujimoto).
-added enlarger bulb.
-Ilford security darkroom illumination (S902).
-Paterson Establishing Tank Device 4.
-traditional traditional Kodak darkroom timer.
-"DARKROOM: Keep Door Closed!" sign.
-darkroom creating trays and various other miscellany (film reels, funnels, measuring graduates, Paterson concentration finder, Hypo Chek option, tongs, thermometer, movie squeegee, airbrush, 2 packs of Ilford Multigrade filters, Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Broker, Bert Rapic RC Sepia Toning Option, etc.).
-hose to hook up water supply.

I am offering all of this equipment, for the significant professional photographer and art photographic printer, for $250.

PS: You can also have the huge blue Rubbermaid container totally free that all this equipment (minus the enlarger, of course, as a result of dimension) has actually been safely saved in.

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