Legends of the Summer: JT & JAY Z Section 443 Row E 2 - 4 tickets - $125 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Legends of the Summer: JT & JAY Z Section 443 Row E 2 -
Legends of the Summer: JT & JAY Z Section 443 Row E 2 -

After our friends cancelled on us, my boyfriend and I have a spare pair of tickets to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert at BC Place on July 31st. We are also willing to part with all 4 tickets at face value of $119 (once all the lousy ticky tacky surcharges are factored in) if someone wants to take them off our hands given that we originally wanted to go to the concert with our friends. The seats are obviously all together, seats 3-6 in row E of Section 443. While they are in the upper bowl, they basically are at the very front of the bowl area being in row E, as opposed to row HH, etc... and has the best viewing angle (other than the lower bowl seats) without being too far from the stage in section 443. Considering the fact that we tried to buy tickets within a minute of them being released to the public, they were the best seats for a party of 4 at price level 3; regrettably, we could have in fact gotten prime lower bowl seats if we simply wanted only a pair of them at the same price level :( Now it's basically impossible to get any decent seats without paying at least a price level up.

Anyhoo, we have NOT in fact picked up the tickets yet, which means I can do an e-mail transfer through Ticketmaster's ticket transfer system, or meet up with you at a Ticketmaster location downtown to pick up the tickets together. Or if you would prefer, I'll pick up the tickets and meet you where it's convenient. Frankly, I would not trust anyone trying to scalp tickets off Canadianlisted with hard tickets regardless of the legitimacy of their tickets and/or receipt; they can just report their old pair of tickets as lost, immediately invalidating the tickets you have in your hands and getting a fresh pair sent to them in the mail. Conversely, a Ticketmaster ticket transfer is final and all rights are transferred straight over to you, including the ability to report them as being lost http://www.ticketmaster.ca/transfer Don't be scammed... no matter how nice the other person selling you the tickets seem. I've heard too many horror stories from family and friends, and feeling like you've been punched in the gut is just not worth it.

To summarize, ticket details are as follows:
Section 443
Row E
Seats 3-6
Price - $125 each for 2, $119 each for all 4

Category:  Tickets & Traveling  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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