Single full season or half season Canucks tickets in YOUR NAME - $2767 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

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Here's an opportunity for you to skip the waitlist and get a single Canucks half or full season ticket in your name. I've been on the Blue Line waitlist for 7 long years. I recently attended the season ticket seat allocation, but found that the seats I was most interested in were only available in groups of 3 and I only need 2. Since they would not allow any single seats to be left, I was out of luck. But they did say that despite my name being on the waitlist, if I bought a set of 3, I could allocate the third seat to another person and the seat could be in their name.

This is your chance to skip the multi-year waitlist and get a single seat in your name. The other packages available here on CL are from existing season ticket holders and the seats will remain in their name. If we can agree on the location, and there were many great groups of 3 left when I was there, this could be a big win-win.

The seats I was most interested in were in the upper bowl, on the side, toward the offensive zone where the Canucks shoot twice. The price drops significantly at Row 9. A full season in Row 8 is $3,800/seat and at Row 9, the price drops to $2,800. There were several great sets of 3 in Sections 322/323 and 308/309 in Row 12.

I have a call into my Canucks rep and may still be able to get a full season in those sections from one of those groups of 3. If not, I'll be offered a half season this summer and I imagine many of the same great sets of 3 will still be available.

If you're interested in a single seat in these sections for either a half or full season, send me a message and we can discuss logistics.

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