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Historic sail boat rebuild or prop - $1000 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Historic sail boat rebuild or prop - $1000
Historic sail boat rebuild or prop - $1000

Type: wooden sailboat, solid mahogany throughout, weekend sailer
Motor: Volvo marine diesel, 2 stroke ( needs rebuilding or replacing)
Length: 25 foot
Width: (beam) aprox. 9 ft. at centre
Accommodations: sleeps 2 very comfortably, small gallery area, large outdoor cockpit
( can easily accommodate 4 people for sailing)
What's been done: the interior has been stripped clean, the exterior has largely been stripped and scrapped of old paint.
What it needs: the wooden mast needs replacing as the old one was warped. - an aprox. 5 ft section of mahogany board to replace a damaged piece I removed. - it will need new sails to go with a new mast. - various sections of the exterior will require new 'wadding'
- I've been told a new motor would be the cheapest way for efficiency.
History: This boat allegedly has a historic background. There were 2 of these built some years after after the 2nd world war. The designer & builder used to work for "Boeing". Before Boeing built aircraft, they used to build boats, the designer built 2 of these crafts. There is a identical 'sister' boat located in Lake Union, Washington State. It has been seen at the antique wooden boat show there.
This same designer and builder is allegedly the principle aircraft designer that designed the notable 'Enola Gay', the famous world war II bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiro Shima, Japan that ended the war.This boat had been previously offered to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, they are aware of it's existence, they declined to take it as they no longer do restorations, a few years earlier and they said they would have taken it.
Value wise in terms of dollars, it's hard to say, I've had estimates from $3-5,000 as is. Some old sea dogs from the north Vancouver Yacht club where the boat had been moored speculated that the engine alone may be worth a few grand if restored as an antique marine engine. It may well be that some boat collectors south of the border may have more interest in her because of the historical value I'm told.

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