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Aquarium(aquarium) components - $1 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Aquarium(aquarium) components - $1
Aquarium(aquarium) components - $1
Aquarium(aquarium) components - $1

Fish tank/aquarium accessories.

1)Salinity Refractometer available for sale.
RHS -10 ATC Array 0-10 % Salinity.
BRAND-NEW never utilize IN BOX $25.00.

2)NOX-ICH(473ml) x 2.
Fresh or deep sea.
NEW never ever utilize SECURED $15.00 each.

3)Tubes - outside size 7mm, inside dimension 5mm.
10 cent for 1F( additional compared to ONE HUNDRED F offered) NEW never ever utilize.

4)Tubes - length 25 F in bag outside size 4mm, inside size 1mm.
ALL NEW never utilize $2.50 for bag.

5)Penguin Power Filter.
Model BIO Tire 150.
BRAND NAME NEW never use $20.00.

Fish container driftwood piece( it stands in the tank (it's around 35" tall). Made use of to be in my.
30 gallon aquarium.
$10.00 in excellent disorder.

Done in good functioning order.
Email if interested.

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Category:  Garden & House  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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