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Docks Drifts Composting Trash Sump & More - $10 in Vancouver, British Columbia for sale

Docks Drifts Composting Trash Sump & More - $10
Docks Drifts Composting Trash Sump & More - $10
Docks Drifts Composting Trash Sump & More - $10

Available for sale: 55 gallon Plastic barrels used for Meals Grade liquefied sweets & syrups.
All Barrels require a GOOD Cleansing.
Helpful for Dock floats, Water storage space Sump Plant planters, Junk steels & even more.
34" high X 23" round.
Plastic Blue barrel top includes 1 - 2" FPT Threaded opening up & 1- Â 3/4 FPT Threaded installation.
Barrel prices Summer Burn out !!!

$10 each!
Barrels searching for brand-new family.
Required a telephone number to call you ...?
Return all calls concerning 6 PM.
Barrel choose up 6 - 8 pm or weekends.
Many thanks.

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Category:  Garden & House  |  Address:  Vancouver British Columbia

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