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Because. It's your mission.
Because. It's your mission.

This microwave is hot. And by hot I mean sexy, not stolen. :)
And by sexy, I mean that it melts chocolate, among other high-fat substances (butter, gravy, bacon drippings, lasagna), really, really well. OK, it doesn't actually melt lasagna, but I find that to be a positive feature because in my experience lasagna is prime for face-planting in solid state rather than in liquid form. Care for a glass of lasagna? Although lines get blurry when there are no limits on the amount of cheese I'm allowed to add.
But I digress...
Back to chocolate. Pretty sure I've exhausted all the ways in which I can explore a questionably appropriate regard, attraction, ingestion, and expression of the dark, liquid lord of my palate, so I'm obligated to pass the baton on to a new challenger with microwaving finesse.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is an important one that will be fraught with the dangers of addiction and distraction, but the rewards will be heady, noble, delicious, beneficent. Do you accept your mission?
Text me: "I will accept my mission." if you do.

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